Newborn Diaper Rental
Newborn Diaper Rental
Newborn Diaper Rental

Newborn Diaper Rental

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Congratulations on your newest addition! Top to Bottom Baby's newborn rental package is a great way to begin the cloth diapering adventure without having to make a large initial investment. 
Cost and Deposit Information:
Just pick the print option you want (girl, boy or gender neutral).  Then write your due date in the option box. We package up and ship out your diapers approximately 1 week before your expected due date so you can play with your diapers before baby arrives. 
Your rental starts on the day you deliver or your due date, which ever is earlier, and is only $12.50 a week! You use, wash and keep your rental diapers for as long as you need to and then return them for store credit on your remaining deposit 
$150 - rental deposit and reservation
$12.50 wk rental x 10 weeks
Total= $125 used deposit with $25 remaining in store credit
Reservations placed within two weeks of your due date will be charged a $25 rush fee.  Any reservation cancelled 1 week after booking is subject to a $25 cancellation fee. 
24 Thirsties Newborn All-In-One Diapers 
1 Package of Detergent 
This package includes free shipping to you, usually 1 week prior to your due date.  Please let us know if you deliver early. 
Lost or Destroyed Diapers: 
We understand that normal wear and tear will occur, but note that extensive staining or destruction of diapers will result in a replacement charge $10 per diaper.  The renter also agrees to use diaper safe diaper creams (we have included a free sample!) and diaper detergent. We have also included a package of fleece liners that can be used with non-safe diaper creams or with Vaseline for a circumcision. This is also helpful with newborn poops!
New to diapering and don't know where to go next? 
Not sure where to go after the newborn rental?  Check out T2B's Customized Diaper Trial.  Each newborn rental will include a coupon for a Free Rental Fee on the Customized Diaper Trial.
 If you would prefer new diapers, there is a non-refundable $80 charged added to the rental fee.  This fee is NOT added to the store credit at the end of the rental period.