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Are you a VIP?  T2B's VIPs receive a gift certificate with every SIX (6) visits!
  • Pick your card up from the box when you come into T2B.
  • Shop!
  • After 6 visits, put your card in the "Completed" basket.
  • Watch for your T2B Gift Certificate to arrive.
Purchases will be recorded by the staff on your card.  We record your pre-tax and after discount total.  Purchases of gift certificates do not apply but may earn a free heart if you wish.
Staff that knows what they are doing!
T2B's staff takes the products we carry seriously!  In addition to trying every product that comes into the store, we have also taken the time to become educated in those areas.  Check out the certifications that T2B staff members hold:
  • Certified Stride Rite Fitters:  This is a designation that assures you of a superior experience, including knowledge and service when it comes to finding the correct shoes for your little one.
  • BabyWearing Institute Scholar:  Justin is Nebraska's only Scholar.  BabyWearing Institute Instructors can explain the natural development in babies, which in turn helps parents know what carrier is good and which to leave unused.